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Welcome on pages of industrial zone Semtín

Industrial zone Semtín is an ideal place for running your business.

It is the largest industrial zone with the most sophisticated infrastructure in Pardubice region. Its history dates back to the period just after the First World War. The current appearance of Synthesia zone was founded and is now developing on the land and in buildings that were, or are, in ownership of public limited corporation Synthesia. Properties, released thanks to the restructuring of the company Synthesia, are being subsequently offered for sale or lease to private companies.

Today, more than 120 companies with their own production processes and business activities are located in the industrial zone Semtín. These companies profit from using an area infrastructure and services provided by the company Synthesia. In most cases they profit from synergetic effects of Semtín Industrial zone; majority of companies already cooperate together, or there are set up customer-supplier relationships among them. Thanks to the strategic location, complete infrastructure and provided services Industrial zone Semtín is a good place for business in logistics, light and heavy industry, trade, services and many other fields.

Important advantage of Industrial Zone Semtín is an easygoing ground plan – the majority of properties are included in municipal plan of Pardubice city as areas for heavy or light industry production and storage.

Semtin is an ideal place for functional and comfortable entrepreneurial activities in the Pardubice region thanks to its strategic location, complete infrastructure and provided services.


Geographic data

Area: 7,5 km2

Location: northwest from the centre of Pardubice city, part Semtín, between the town Lázně Bohdaneč, villages Rybitví and Doubravice.

GPS: (50°3'41.045"N, 15°43'43.672"E)

Infrastructure: connection to the comunication I/36 and I/37 and D 11. Available all engineering networks (energy, water, gas, steam, sewage, chemical drainage), there is a trailer in the area. Direct connection to urban mass transportation.

Number of subjects running business in the industrial zone: 120 companies

Number of employees working in industrial zone: approximately 4 500 people