Rubber factory

General repairs of appliances – vats, boilers, scoops, tanks, agitators, piping-its burning old rubber, blasting, any repairs of tank shell, the subsequent rubber coating, curing in the vulcanisation oven.


Dimension ofcuring oven: 4x4x8 m
The type of the used rubber: rubber Mitas 512 - thickness 3,2 (according to the customer´s wish we can perform even 2 layers).
Curing time: 44 hour.
Curing type: steam (heating coil)


Pipeline: from DN 40 – lenght 1 m, from DN 50 – lenght 2 m
Types of tire repair after blasting: corroded holes (lungry), cracks, holes (size of patches according to the damage) – welding by electrode EB 121, 123, EK 103


Quality of rubber coating after curing  is made byhigh-voltage tester.