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Services in the industrial Zone

Entry and entrance to the industrial zone Semtin


Entry and entrance to the guarded part of industrial zone is ensured by an electronic access system. The need for the strict security guard arises from the nature of the production types in some parts of the complex (chemistry, propellants and explosives). Every person moving inside the area obtains an access identy card (entry permission) in the form of contactless electronic card. Data taken from the electronic access system can be used for tracking persons and vehicles movements of the particular company, for monitoring the working hours of employees, for ordering and taking meals in company canteen, or for providing access to own properties (after connecting to the access system). The fee (see in the price list) for issuing entry documents includes the initial training and help desk service at the main gatehouse of the guarded zone.


Security guard

Professional security guard unit provides non-stop surveillance over the industrial zone Semtin. According to the requirements, concerned area is being monitored by the security guards, camera system, direct bulding control, or connection to the central protection counter. The unit excels in very good terrain knowledge, years of experiences and professional competences. For specifying the final offer it is necessary to meet personally.


Fire protection rescue service

Industrial zone Semtin has its own fully professional unit of the fire rescue system. By paying the annual fee (see price list), companies obtaine the certainty of immediate intervention, which can significantly reduce property damage in case of fire. „FIRE PROTECTION“ package includes a discount on applied material during intervention. Other important parts of this package are the first aid non-stop service for injuries and sudden health events and the private ambulance transport to the hospital.


Dispatching services

Non-stop dispatching service ensures the easy-going operation of the industrial zone Semtin. This service is intended for businesses with an increased risk of incidents such as energy shortages, breakdowns and other calamitous situations. It is necessary to meet personally to specify the extent and the price of the service.


Work safety and work hygiene

Every employee is obliged to follow the OSH rules. Within the industiral zone Semtin, it is possible to consult the OSH rules with specialists. In the terms of chemical industry, these rules belong to the most demanding ever. We are a holder of the prestigious certification OSH management system – OHSAS 18001:2007.


In the field of work hygine, you can profit from our experience in work categorization  according to the hygiene regulations and pollution measurements in the work enviroment, etc.


Information, telecommunication and data services

All important parts of industrial zone Semtín are connected through the data and telephone infrastructure that provides easy-going connections to the internal and to the external fixed telephone network, internet or backup servers. According to requirements, it is possible to create your own data network or to purchase computers for favourable prices of key customers and subsequently manage it. For offer completion it is necessary to meet and discuss it with IT specialists personally ...more info.


Maintenance services

While running business, every day you experience banal service interventions, but also tasks´ solutions that require the assistance of accredited specialists of various disciplines. Take advantage of experts in the industrial zone – quickly and under favourable conditions.


 For ensuring the equipment´s operation efficiency and for ensuring routine repairs in the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control (I&C) lines, we offer following services:


Area administration

We are providing land and building administration within the area.


  • Grassed area mowing
  • Maintenance of outdoor surfaces and roads
  • Buildings reparation (external and internal parts)


Catering in the area

It is proved that people, whose employer provides them high-quality hot lunches, are more efficient and loyal to their company. Provide your employees catering in company canteen, no matter how big your company is. At the same time save their time. Catering in industrial zone Semtin is provided in completely modern enviroment, in accordance with all relevant European standards. The menu offer contains of seven kinds of meals. Meals are prepared every day in the kitchen facilities in the area. An integrated canteen with additional assortment of salads, sausages, confectionery, beverages and frozen foods can be used whithin the catering service. ...more info


Human resources service

Services related to human resources can be also used within the industrial zone Semtin. Daily care of thousands of employees requires knowledge of all possible answers to all possible questions from the field of human resources and the latest legislation requirements. In offer you can find wage department service and personnel specialists service. ...more info


Health care

The indisputable advantage of industrial zone is medical center, located in the fenced area, which provides not only services of practitioners doctors, but also dentists and surgical care, surgical ambulations and X-ray examination.