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Renting spaces suitable for running a business

Wide range of areas suitable for business in the Industrial Zone Semtin can safisfy most of interested persons. Advantages are especially wide range of provided services, favorable energy supply, or perhaps a choice between sites inside guarded, or freely accessible areas.



  • Heated and unheated storage spaces in various utility areas
  • Approved spaces for chemicals storage
  • Technology for liquid chemicals storage (reservoirs)
  • Spaces on a ground level, but also in an over-ground storey building with elevator
  • we can provide extra security on request
  • Price from 500,- CZK / m2 / year


Ry 101 a
  • Non-residential heated space outside and inside the fenced and guarded area
  • Small independent offices, but also inter-connected complexes (previously housing units)
  • They can be combined with production or storage facilities
  • price from 930,- CZK / m2 / year

Production and workshops

  • inside the fenced and guarded area
  • heated and unheated spaces
  • complete energy supply and many other services
  • The possibility to cooperate effectively (synergy efect) with other companies in the area
  • price from 690,- CZK / m2 / year

Undeveloped areas

  • paved and unpaved surfaces
  • locaftions inside and outside the fenced guarded area
  • possibility to store bulk materials, technologies, etc… temporarily
  • we provide extra security on request
  • price from 100,- CZK / m2 / year


For more informations, please contact our specialists, who will arrange a meeting with you and recommand you the best place for your busines intention and will inspect the place with you personally.